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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Review

The F-150 Tradition

Nostalgic tales of Ford F-150s echo from pastoral farm journeys to picturesque drives in the Pacific Northwest. Esteemed for hauling and towing, the electric F-150 Lightning Platinum embraces a contemporary twist. With its opulent interior and expansive touchscreen, it veers from its rugged roots. Striking a harmony between luxury and utility, the Lightning outshines conventional gas models, showcasing adaptability in tasks—whether transporting tools, trailers, or a harvest to the cider press—a worthwhile investment from the outset.

Ford F-150 Lightning
Ford F-150 Lightning

Power and Performance Electrified

Zooming from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds, the F-150 Lightning Platinum, featuring a towing package, demonstrates electric excellence. Beyond its storied lineage, this contemporary model flaunts opulent features like heated and cooled seats, adaptive cruise control, a panoramic sunroof, and a surround-view camera. Embrace the simplicity of one-pedal driving and step into the future with Ford’s Blue Cruise technology, providing hands-free travel on select highways, supported by advanced safety measures like eye-tracking sensors.

Interior and Cargo Space 

While the gas and electric F-150 trucks share some interior similarities, the F-150 Lightning distinguishes itself with a spacious front compartment known as the ‘frunk.’ Ford spotlights this inventive space, showcasing its capacity for three sets of standard golf clubs. Beyond its golf-friendly design, the frunk boasts four 120-volt power outlets and two USB ports (one USB-C and one USB-A), providing a flexible solution for charging electronics on the move and powering tools or laptops during tasks between job sites.

An Impressive Power Source

With four 120-volt and one 220-volt outlets, the Lightning Platinum trim enhances your lifestyle by powering appliances such as dryers and hot tubs. Boasting a hybrid truck capacity of 7.2 kWh and an impressive 131 kWh capability, it outperforms conventional gas models with 2.0 or 2.4 kWh. The extended-range model transforms into a 131-kWh home generator, offering a cost-effective alternative. Going beyond traditional gas vehicles, the F-150 Lightning acts as a mobile energy storage hub, delivering ten times the capacity of a Tesla Powerwall for off-grid households.

Is the Lightning just as capable as the traditional F-150?

Despite the electric Ford F-150 Lightning’s impressive speed, smooth ride, and an extended battery range of up to 515 kilometers, its unconventional buyer demographic defies expectations. Many are newcomers to the Ford brand and truck ownership. While excelling in towing and load capacity, the Lightning outperforms traditional gas-powered F-150s. Range anxiety may be a concern when towing, but for daily commutes within a medium-sized city and its outskirts, the F-150 Lightning proves a reliable choice, easily covering the typical truck owner’s daily distance of approximately 65 kilometers.

The Cost Savings of Driving Electric

In Canada, where gas prices tend to be higher, the financial advantages of driving a Ford F-150 Lightning are particularly evident. The shift to an all-electric model means F-150 Lightning owners can enjoy substantial savings on fuel costs. Amidst fluctuating gas prices, the stability and comparatively lower cost of electricity offer a reliable and economical alternative. The Lightning not only champions environmental sustainability but also enables Canadian drivers to traverse diverse terrains without the burden of soaring fuel expenses. Beyond cost savings, the F-150 Lightning’s battery durability eliminates concerns about frequent oil changes, making it a smart investment with lower long-term running and upkeep costs. Additionally, the efficiency of EVs reduces the need for frequent brake pad and fluid changes, thanks to regenerative braking technology.

It’s all in the Details

The Lightning’s allure is impossible to overlook, boasting meticulous details such as tailgate tie-down clamps and dual measuring sticks. Its front trunk’s versatility extends to accommodating ice-filled drinks with a removable cover. Enhanced convenience features, including bed lights, multiple outlets, a tailgate step stool, and a secure back seat safe, contribute to the truck’s overall appeal.

Indulge in a hands-free highway experience with the Lightning, featuring a flat floor skid plate and a heat pump for optimal winter performance. The weather-shielded frunk ensures functionality even in colder temperatures. Opt for the cost-effective Pro model, offering impressive towing and range capabilities at half the price, surpassing older models like the 2015 FX4.

The Thrill of the Road

Immerse yourself in the driving experience and witness the engineering prowess firsthand. With dual motors delivering both power and serenity, the vehicle accelerates to 100 kilometres per hour in just five seconds, thanks to a swift traction control system instilling confidence. While not crafted for race car-like maneuvers, the truck excels with a consistent drive across Eco, Normal, and Aggressive modes, effortlessly adapting throttle response and steering. Despite a subtle body rollover on speed bumps, attributed to the soft suspension for truck utility, the low positioning of the Ford battery bank ensures a refined balance and power, evoking a sensation reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce with a cargo bed, exuding sophistication and stability on the road.

Ford is Winning Over the Competition

Despite Ford’s success in converting non-truck owners, the broader market remains skeptical. With the delay in GM’s truck release and Tesla’s Cybertruck uncertain, the inevitable dominance of electric trucks signals the end of the preorder era. Ford’s new Platinum Black Edition, featuring an intensified black color, targets gas-powered F-150 Raptor buyers. As electric trucks gain popularity among those seeking relief from high gas prices and limited daily mileage, rising demand is anticipated, transcending early adopters.

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